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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pain and Paint

St. Johns bridge
The last 5 months have been pretty interesting to say the least.  I've been doing more painting than printmaking, which isn't saying too much.  I think I fell in love.  Or maybe I was in love with the idea of it.  But this week I discovered that everything was a lie.  Or at least it seems like that now.  So in the time of heartache and confusion I will use the best self therapy I know.  Art!

The one good thing about being older and having lived through other heartbreak, I know the pain is temporary.  I know I have learned some things. My trust level might have dropped back to the floor and I'll probably return to my jaded anti love self.  But that's fine. At least for now. 

Puerto Jimenez casa
Here's somethings I painted recently.   I couldn't leave you with out some photos!

my first plein air painting

Here's a question for all you artist!  Can you call a painting of yourself from a photo a self portrait?  I personally think you can't.  Thoughts? 
 in progress from photo