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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update Number 53.5

Almost Monday's booth before revamp!
Hello!  You may notice some changes to my little bloggity blog site over the next few weeks!  Hopefully for the better! It will be turning into more of an all inclusive website.  But don't fret! I'll still be blogging! hehe
As always I enjoy feed back!

I'll leave you with a photo from this past weekend's PedalNation.  I was part of 6 "bike crafters" pedaling our wears!  Check out Randi Jo Fabrications and Bike Cozy for some handmade bicycling goodness!  They are on either side of me in this photo!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Robin said...

I think your booth looked good!

dahliabliss said...

woop, woop when's the unveiling? Crafty Wonderland?

Almost Monday said...

Yep! I'll have a new set up at Crafty Wonderland. Now back to work so I can finish it in time! :)