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Monday, April 8, 2013

The D.T's

Delirium tremens, also known as the shakes.  It's what happens to alcoholics or other drug users whenthey suddenly stop.  That's not exactly what happened to me when I put my brushes down and moved out of the studio Feb. 26th, but close.  My mood plummeted and my irritation rose.  Not exactly the smartest way to go about things but I was up against deadlines and other obligations.  So here I am one month plus of no painting, no home studio set up and no time soon for painting.  The month of May will be the month of refocus and back to painting I will go.  It may look different to me, with less time dedicated to only painting, as I have taken a part time job and possibly another one on the way.  But not without a little R&R in the tropics and a crap ton of yoga first to recapture some focus and clarity. 

In other news, I am thinking of offering a very limited edition of prints from the March show.  Once the paintings are properly photographed and digitized.  

Happy Spring!

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