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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Slow Boat to China?

Yes, I'm a bit slow posting my photos from Crafty Wonderland, but here they are!  I'm constantly struggling with people who don't understand that these are NOT digital copies, but each one a hand printed original.  I've removed the word "print" from most my documentation and replaced it with Linocut & Etchings.

New Booth!  Lovely fabric and "Original Art" banner thinger!

Redoing the booth set up was really fun, but took tons of time!  My living room was a disaster for a month!  I still need to come up with a better display that holds more and uses more height rather then table space.  This is a 10' wide by 5' deep booth size.

I had about 40 different designs to display, and between 2 - 6 of each edition.  
Magazine rack I found at Portland Fixtures and my little peg board shelf


Close up!


Anonymous said...

That's so awesome!! I have been going to CW for a few years with Michelle and this year was my first year not going and of course YOU'RE there! Your display looks amazing and I hope you got lots of business. Keep up the good work! :D

Nancy Cuevas said...

Looks great Serena!!
I love it! You did an awesome job!!
Totally pulls it all together and it suits you so well!!!

dahliabliss said...

I thought your booth looked stellar! It really stood out, even in the midst of crafty wonderfullness.... Nice work, it's like you have some mad skills with fabrics, color and spatial planning!

Diane P. said...

Love your booth!!!

Almost Monday said...

What nice comments! Thank you! It was a lot of fun planning/making! Now, if business plans were that much fun! :)