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Friday, May 6, 2011

Speed Dating Anyone?

I've never participated in a "speed dating" event. But on Wednesday, May 18, 6:00 pm at the Design Within Reach Portland Studio I'll be participating in the I Heart Art PDX's Mixer Match, Speed Networking, Round Two -Visual Artists and Galleries.  

The short answer is there will be 20 galleries, 40 artists and we will have 2 mins with each gallery to show and talk about our work!  Yikes!  and Yay!
Have you participated in a Speed Dating event?  or an interview process that is similar?  I'd love to hear about it! 

Tomorrow is Crafty Wonderland!!!  Hope to see you there!!


Leah said...

I participated in the first "speed dating" IHeartArt event last year - it was friggin' awesome!

Heres the blog I wrote about the experience:

Almost Monday said...

Thanks Leah! I'm a bit nervous! I'm still waiting for the final instructions. Then I'm sure I'll be furiously getting all my info together!

Plantress said...

Hope it went well. Blog love from your newest follower.
more later,

Almost Monday said...

Thanks Plantress! The "speed dating" is next week! Just found out what I need to do to prepare, and later today will get the list of Galleries. That will give me a better idea of what art to take! Can only take 4 examples!

diskgrunt said...

Good luck! I did the first event for crafters and vendors. Was a lot of fun, but intense. Just pick your strongest pieces and keep your dialog concise. I practiced my "pitch" and honed it to under a min. This left time for questions and card/email/catalog exchanges.

Almost Monday said...

Thanks Donathon! I'm a bit nervous and haven't practiced yet! I'd really like as much feed back as possible. I'm taking my paintings(photos of) and we can only have 4 examples 16 x 20 or less, hence the photos. Sadly, most galleries aren't interested in printmaking that's why I chose the painting instead.

Ted Moore said...

I really want to try the speed dating, is it the same on doing a blind date?