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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Saturday morning, November 3rd 2012.  Time goes by so fast. 

I was thinking about this blog and what it's purpose is, and of course, what my purpose is.  I have dedicated myself to painting and not printmaking for the next few months.  It was a 6 month commitment that started September 1st.  It was a rough start.  Trying to treat painting as my boyfriend, forsaking other men, travel, printmaking, and everything else that has distracted me in the past.  It was hard with my studio in my bedroom.  So many things around the house to distract me.  But this week I moved into a real studio, and have a real schedule.  It feels great to have a studio space and to share it with a good friend and fellow painter.  I'm also surrounded by other artists and musicians.  The kitties really aren't that great at critiquing my work. 

I'm hoping to lock down a commission piece in the next week or so and start working on that.  It will make for good work in progress posts.  I also have a series of portraits going and a large self portrait I'm working on too. 

The cold nasty weather makes for a great painting season!

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