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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Trying to come up with a plan for my life.  A long term plan.  Seems reasonable but it's actually not. 
Last week I had a job interview.  I know, I said I was committing to painting and only painting through the end of February, but this job is with an awesome company!  So I applied, as did over 200 other people just as qualified as I am.  It's not in my industry but I am more worried about working for a good company then having a glamorous job.  Fortunately, I know a person at the company and was granted an interview.  Which went quite well.  They are interviewing 6 other people.  I should know the results by Monday.  It's part time to start so will work well as I finish up the portraits I'm working on.

I guess I'm waiting to hear back before I make any other decisions, such as house, or jobs in other countries, or jobs here.  Or anything really. 

Work in Progress: Julia y Baby
In the mean time yoga is treating me quite well, as is painting.  It's so nice having a schedule and a studio space.  I am still doing a bit of pet sitting and am now insured.  Check out my little site and please do give me feed back!  :)

I'll leave you with this portrait of my dear friend Julia and her son.  I started this last fall and have now racked up approximately 1.5 million hours on it. Babies are hard to paint and bad photos are hard to paint from.  But it's getting there.  I estimate another 10 hours until complete.  Or until I'm so sick of it I can't look at it any more!  :)


Robin said...

wow looking very good! Maybe you should paint Aubrey??? oxox

Serena said...