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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Generosity Created the Cat!

I've always hated the saying "Curiosity Killed the Cat" for obvious reasons.  So instead of curiosity and unemployment, how about generosity and unemployment? Sounds a bit counter intuitive, lack of income and all.  But for me, it's all I've got!

Donated 1 of 50 to the * Spoon foundation
Giving gifts is my "language of love".  {The theory is we all favor one of the following:  Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Giving/receiving Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch.}

So, I may not be able to take my friends out to eat, or buy them expensive drinks or gifts, or donate to all their causes.  But I can give them art.  My art comes from my heart, I've used my time and skill to make it.  Anyone can walk in to department store and charge a cold mass produced item.  Don't get me wrong, many a day, I've been more than grateful for those gifts and when times were different I've given those gifts.  Side Note: Now with the help of Etsy you can charge something one of a kind and handmade! 

Donated 1 of 30 to ** BTA
Am I trying to make myself feel better? Trying to prove I'm still a viable part of society?  Maybe.  The stigma of being on the dole is hard to shake.  

Lately I've been having a really hard time completing a task.  My mind is jumping all over the place, the littlest things feel like burdens and basically I can't seem to concentrate.  I'd like to think I'm not depressed, I don't feel "depressed". But the stress of money, the break in, lack of good sleep, lack of exercise, might be taking their toll.  That and this winter weather of gray and rain. Thank goodness spring is just around the corner!! 

So let me know if you have an upcoming event that needs a giveaway or raffle item, I'm sure I can arrange something! 

One last thing.  I guess I am curious after all, what's your language of love?

*The Spoon foundation is having their fundraiser Thursday April 7th!  Sounds like a blast!  Get more info here! Spoon Foundation
They provide proper nutrition for orphans!

** The BTA Bicycle Transportation Alliance's Alice Awards is Saturday April 23rd. The BTA works to make bicycling safe, convenient and accessible in communities around Oregon.


Jenner said...

My language of love is feeding people. I'm Italian!

And I LOVE your artwork. Both pieces you showed are absolutely adorable.

AnniePod said...

I guess I am with Jenner on this one; both on the Italian and the feeding thing. Feeding people is what I automatically do without thinking too much about it. If I do something else, it usually requires thought first but making/giving food seems very natural.

Anonymous said...

my language of love is food! feed me and i will be forever happy. i feed alex all the time and he seems pretty elated. :)

Almost Monday said...

Jenner, AnniePod, and Reena - Too bad you all live far away! You could invite me to dinner! :) But with my love of travel, you could probably invite me and I might just show up anyway! hehe