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Friday, March 1, 2013

Solo Show Opens Tongiht!

 Tonight is my first solo show and I'm pretty excited.  I've been so busy painting I haven't been able to update this blog!  So here's a sneak peak! 
 Living: Hand to Mouth.  What Sustains Us?

This series was sparked during lunch with a friend when he jokingly placed his napkin in front of his face as I took his photo.  I began to think about how our gestures and the things we cherish are representative of "us"; how each person has something that defines them; how the small things can sustain and nourish us through life's difficulties.  Some of the things portrayed are literal, others representative of something larger.  It is important to me that I capture, but not hold prisoner, a piece of the subject's essence in each painting.  Because it is more than a form or parts of the body that make up a figure painting.

For this body of work, most pieces were created using a limited pallet of transparent earth red, ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, titanium white, and at times, actual black and a hint of cadmium red when required.  Most of the darks seen in the figures are the result of transparent earth red mixed with ultramarine blue.  I paint for the pleasure painting, sometimes there is not a finished product.  Painting gives me a sense of peace and belonging, along with endorphins, similar to a runners high.   It's my belief that these emotions further my connection to the painting and thereby embedding part of my spirit in each painting, too.

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Robin said...

So proud of you. Beautiful work!