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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Intention.  What a loaded word. 
1.  an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.
2.  the end or object intended; purpose.
Today a couple of lovelies joined me for a little cutting and pasting in the form of intention boards.  Well, in our case, intention mason jars. That may or may not have lights added later.  

Armed with scissors we began flipping through catalogs and magazines looking for images that represented things we wanted to see happen in 2011.  Cut out our images, words, and symbols with which we decoupaged into our jars.  We discussed some of these intentions aloud, or tired to.  Reinforcing our dreams and hopes. Others remained personal and silent. 
Scoop Full of Comfort!
Now I'm not the most woo woo person you'll meet.  In fact I'm at the other end of the scale, but I do believe that before we can work toward betterment we must know what that betterment is.  This could be physical items such as better shoes, or a fancy house, or a better state of mind.  As depicted in this photo of a spoon instructing "a scoop full of comfort", a pie server stating "a slice of happiness" and a cheese knife with the words "a dab of decadence".  Pretty fitting given my current state. And love of cheese.  Yesterday I mentioned to one of my new internet friends that I didn't want to waste a bunch of time being depressed.  But last week was a battle for sure. 
Traveling for Art!
I'm intending to make this week/year much better! Also on my Jar of Intention I places flowers, tomatoes, travel, and of course cheese.  A kitty, camera, Italy and France.  Birds and bikes. Simplicity, peace, love and joy.  Last but now least, art.  My intention is to survive via art. Making art, selling art, and teaching art.  And why not?  Isn't that what I was made/intended/born to do?  It sure feels that way to me.  I do struggle with the expectations of the "norms".  Such as having a bigger house, health insurance, a new fangled car, designer clothes, and the worst offender, a day job.  And I might succumb to one or two of them. But they aren't what matter to me.  Those things aren't want make me who I am.  Loved ones (not just the humans), my freedom, and the feeling that I'm making a difference to someone, make me who I am.
"Blind Date" by AnniePod Press
Art has the ability to heal, give hope, provide entertainment and of course joy.  To some this might look like a crazy print of a tom cat knocking on the door for a blind date. To me it's instant pure happiness! 


Jennifer said...

Those intention jars were a good exercise. You're right about manifesting what change you want to see, I think this blog is evidence of that, keeping you loyal to what you've made up your mind to do.

AnniePod said...

I love the idea of an intention jar! Thank you for sharing this Serena.

Almost Monday said...

I also think they'll be great for writing things down and putting them inside. Ideas, wishes & dreams placed inside! Well, since I'm not adding a light to mine!

Nancy Cuevas said...

love this post...
so glad you are feeling hopeful even after what you've had to deal with just recently. so glad too that you've put up with my crazy intentions/possibilities.
i know you are where you need to be...and i wish i was closer to be more a part of it.
those intention jars sound soo cool!
i'm going to make myself make one with my neice and sister ;)

Almost Monday said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your jar! :)

kristie said...

I love them!!! and I also love the idea of adding other ideas, wishes and dreams inside :D