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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Waayyaaiting is the Hardest Part...

Nothing like a little Tom Petty to:
A. Date me
B. Send me back to the 80's
C. Get me dancing around the kitchen

Sooooo, it's been a week since my second interview.  As if I wasn't already having trouble sleeping, last night I was filled with anxiety about getting an answer or not getting an answer.  Or not getting a job, etc, etc... I was hoping to hear back Wednesday afternoon after they had finished their other second interviews.  At this point all I can assume is that I did not get the job. But then I hear Felix Ungers voice in my head "When you assume, you make an ass out of you and me."  Awe, the Odd Couple.  Now that was a sitcom!  :)

5 pm 1.29.2011 update - received an email that they are still deciding.  I will hear back by the end of next week! I'm looking at this as a positive sign!

Sadly I forgot to take photos of the good ones!
In other news, found another print exchange to enter but the due date is January 31st. Sooo Tuesday I designed, cut and printed another 15 prints.  I mirrored the image I had made for Leftovers and removed the birds and added some clouds.  The ocean changed a bit too. I used black paper and silver ink.  Mailed them off yesterday!  For future reference here's the info! Cascade Print Exchange V  I'm pretty sad I didn't get any good photos.  I didn't think to photograph until they were in the mail!

I just finished painting my bathroom, second coat today.  Tearing paper AND now I will work on a new reduction method multi color print I started last night.  It's my first attempt at this method! I'll post pics when I'm finished!

Happy Friday!  I hope your weekends are filled with creativity and friends! Mine will be!


Jennifer said...

What's a reduction method multi color print? Sounds complicated and lovely....

Robin said...

I bet it will be pretty!
Anxious to see it done.

Brittany said...

That's my favorite Tom Petty song! If I ever hear it I *have* to awkwardly belt it out.

P.S. I don't know if you've attempted to try your feta yet but I would advise against it. I tried it the other day and it totally didn't work. It de-coagulated into "feta" soup. Maybe you've tried it and wanted to be nice and not mention it. But if not, it's not "cheese." DARN IT. This is twice now and it hasn't worked either time, so I need to either try a new recipe or not try to make feta.