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Monday, February 7, 2011

Focus and...the...uhm, hmm, what was I saying?

I've noticed that lately I'm having trouble with focus. My mind is racing almost as often as my heart.  Sleep is fitful at best.  Saturday night I woke up screaming, in my dream someone was breaking in the front door and I was getting out of bed yelling at them. This middle of the night screaming did not make the kitties very happy.  Nor anyone else in the house.

Week 15 day one. I really need an app for this. 
Due to lack of sleep my brain isn't working properly. Not good.  I'm frustrated and frazzled.  I need to get some exercise too.  Since I don't have health insurance I'm afraid to ride my bike, plus I have no where to go.  I was an avid bike commuter the 4.5 miles both ways to work. When I worked. 

I have yet to follow my best intentions of having a set schedule. For the 2 weeks after the break in I had the excuse of getting multiple bids and trying to get the adjuster to see eye to eye with me.  My window is ordered but I'm still looking at the plywood owl scene.  Repairs should start this week.

I feel unmotivated to get dressed or go out of the house. But honestly pajamas are warm and when you can't spend money, the reasons to go out diminish.

Superb Owl
The positive side is I'm still motivated to create! Yesterday, for Superb Owl Sunday, I whipped out this crazy owl mom and baby! Not my finest work but I only had about 45mins to spare.  I've also mailed out all of the February PoM's and can't wait to post them later this week!

I finally finished these little blocks for my friends children.   
E is for Escher
T is for Tupelo (honey)


Anonymous said...

i try not to leave the house because i have limited funds to spare. i should get out to pass out my resume though. the important stuff is never fun. i do love those blocks! they look amazing!

Almost Monday said...

Thanks reena! Good luck job hunting under the blue sky and sun! :)

Brittany said...

I love that tesselated print!! Escher is one of my absolute favorite artists. Did you see the Escher exhibit at the PAM when it was here? A-MAY-ZING!!

Jennifer said...

Wow, those children are awfully lucky to have some commissioned art work hanging over their beds.... I'm glad that I'm keeping your artistic spirit alive with a little motivation! Now how much do I owe you so you can spend it on buying me a beer ;)

Almost Monday said...

Thanks Brittany! I really need to get out more! I didn't see it, but heard it was great!

Jen, I think you'll have to pay me and buy me beer! :)