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Friday, February 4, 2011

Life Update #47

To be honest, I really don't know what update number this is.  Tomorrow starts my 4th month on unemployment. November, December and January on the dole.  I'll spare you the unemployment mumbo-jumbo of new claims and waiting weeks.

Wednesday I received the nicest rejection letter known to man. And kitties.  Basically I'm awesome (as I'm training my self to say/believe) but there were people who actually had worked with the particular product and proprietary systems. They received over 250 applicants and only 5 people made it to round 2.  I feel pretty dang good about that.  They will keep my resume at the top of their pile if something opens up in future.  That makes 2 very well respected and great places to work that will hire me as soon as this "current economic crisis" , aka GDII is over.

My February Print of the Month block is carved and ready to go! I will spend today printing it and tomorrow packaging.  By the end of next week all subscribers will have received theirs and I'll post February's print for the general public!  Here's the photo of January's if you didn't see it! Also available as part of the Print of the Month Subscription or separately in my Etsy store! :)

I, for one, am happy the year of the Tiger is over!  I love kitties, but this Tiger was something else. Out like a Tiger in like a rabbit.  Happy year of the Rabbit friends!  (Year of the Cat in Vietnam) Whiskers and soft fur either way - Let's make if a good one!
Hmmm, next weeks print will probably involve a rabbit!

How do you feel about the year of the Tiger?  Do you feel there is more press about the Chinese New Year this year?  I do!

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