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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Intentions! My Jar is Working!

Yesterday as I was sitting at my desk contemplating life.  I looked over at my intention jar.  I was happily shocked and a little frightened to realize that it is indeed working! When making an intention jar it's imperative to be specific and make sure the things you place there are things you really want.  and understand the ramifications of your intentions/desires.

My jar was mostly about things I'd like to have in my life and things I like.  So of course kitties ended up on my jar. It wasn't my "intention" to get more kitties, just to appreciate them and their cuteness.  A happy little kitty face.

Happy Little Kitty Face!
Item One:  Kitties! Little did I know this was going to throw the universe into action and I would become the care taker of 2 more kitties.  Bringing my total back up to 4. Which is dangerously close to 5.  5 is the legal limit here in Portland and also the number that indicates you are indeed a crazy cat lady.  I will spare the details of this nutalicious story.

Cheese on the jar
Cheese in my tummy
Item Two:  Cheese! I love cheese. Can't seem to get enough of it.  Side note: While in Italy a couple years back I extended my trip literally the night before I was to come home. Which meant I carried an additional 8 lbs of Parmesan cheese around in my backpack for two weeks. If you know anything about backpacking, 8lbs is a lot of extra weight.  Well worth it.  I follow @TillamookCheese on twitter, I like them on facebook, I even applied as their social media voice.  Then a couple of weeks ago I entered a little contest they had and won!  Yes! I won cheese!

2010 Model SOMA Mixte
Item Three:  Bike.  Last year I ordered a bike frame I loved.  Sadly, it was out of stock. When I tried to reorder the price went up and money wise things were looking sketchy.  I decided not reorder.  I continued riding the bike that didn't fit and needed a new bottom bracket.  A year later I placed the mixte frame on my jar. Thinking that it represented a bike that fit me properly.  A couple weeks ago my cohabitant found the frame in a lovely graphite color for less then last years model!  I decided not to replace my table that was damaged in the break-in, but, instead order said frame. I'm excited to get back riding, insurance or not!  Much better for my health to ride a bike than sit at a table.

ART all year long!  A happy year indeed!
Item Four: Art. On my jar I placed the words "ART all year long" and photos of paintings.  This week I received a commission piece! Should have put some printmaking items on it!  Does this also explain why I didn't get the job a couple weeks back? Hmmm...

Italy has lots of art and cheese!

I type all this to say: Intentions. Set them. Understand them.  Enjoy them! Extra kitties and all!


Leah said...

you won cheese from Tillamook! now that is simply brilliant. :) I also adore cats, cheese and art.

AnniePod said...

This is such an uplifting and fun post! Thanks for sharing.

Brittany said...

Yay! That Soma Buena Vista frame is the one I own! We can be bike twinsies now. ;o)

Run Lori Run said...

I didn't know we have to limit ourselves to 5 cats over here??? We have three...I so could be a crazy cat lady...

I am sending good vibes your way. And hope to take one of your workshops sometime!

Almost Monday said...

Thanks Everyone!