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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Giveaway Keeps the Doctor at Bay!

Happy Superb Owl Sunday Weekend!  What a great time for my first giveaway!  Especially when the item is a Superb Owl hand carved linocut, printed, signed and dated by me!  :)
Please fill out this lovely Google doc form.  Follow me on Twitter @almostmonday for another entry, just make sure you  message me about this giveaway!  I ask 3 little questions in the below form. Visit my Etsy Store to answer question number #3! Don't forget to subscribe to my blog! :)


Almost Monday said...

I've had some feed back about this google form not working properly! :( You can post your answers in the comments here if it doesn't work for you. I'll also try to fix it. Thanks!

Denise Evans said...

Hi lady:) Reta's friend Denise here:) I like your blog and will become a follower! I love blogging but haven't had one for awhile. I plan to start another sometime;)

Almost Monday said...

Thanks Denise!

Almost Monday said...

The winner is Randy! Thanks everyone who entered! :)