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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Busiest Unemployed Person Ever!

Summer is almost here in the Pacific Northwest!  This will be my first summer unemployed for longer than I can remember - early ninety's maybe?? I'm excited, sad, and BUSY!!
You may or may not not what I've been up to, so I'll recap!

  • Painting - Have another commission piece that I've started.  Wait till you see this request! 
  • Printmaking - Etsy, print of the month, rephotographing project, typical etsy stuff
  • Print/portfolio Exchanges - Multiple!!! 
  • The Falcon - Still running the Tuesday night painting group - this month we have the lovely Mila! 
  • Drypoint Workshops -  I need to schedule one soon!  Debating of switching venues...
  • The Art of Action - and online course "Wish there was a plan for turning your dreams & ideas into ACTIONS?"  

  • Mercy Corps - Social Media Workshop 
  • PAN - Print Arts Northwest - Just volunteered to be on a committee.
  • Travel - Trying to figure out how I can take a long vacation this fall and travel around eastern europe & down into Istanbul. And also visit a few friends! but if this is going to happen I need to figure it out quickly!!!!

Last but not least, lots of kitty petting and cheese eating!  And yes, I am looking for work as well while I try to figure out how to be what I want when I grow up! 

What are you up to??? 


Diane P. said...

Sounds like you are really using this time to be productive and learn new things! Good for you!

Almost Monday said...

I'm trying!! That's not to say I may or may not waste a good amount of time "marketing" on the interwebs! :) But i'm certainly not laying on the sofa(mostly because i don't have one) eating bon bons!! Thanks for following along! The journey is easier and more fun knowing others are with me!