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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hiroshige, a Man After my Own Heart!

This was my very first attempt at Japanese Woodblock Printing! AKA moku hanga! I copied a Hiroshige print.  I have a lot of cleaning up to do!  My paper was too wet, but I was impatient.  The red is too strong, and didn't act like I thought it would on the bird.  Will remove it from that area on the block.   4 blocks make up this print.  Hand printed in the Japanese method. I have a lot to learn but will be a fabu time doing so!  I'll repost when I clean up my blocks and reprint with less "chatter" and a little different color.  I took a wonderful workshop by Barbara Mason at the Atelier Meridian here in Portland! 

Here is the original Hiroshige Falcon.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a great print. For your first time out, brava.

Sure, you could clean it up a little, like, when I look down in the far-right corner, it looks a little schmutzy, and just the background color would be nice. But don't stress it too much. I like it.

Serena said...

Thank you Anonymous! I didn't see this comment until now! :)