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Monday, December 13, 2010

I broke out into song. again.

I've been singing out loud a lot. and if you know me, you know that is not only funny but disturbing to the ears.  I'm not quite sure why.  i think i'm happy.  and excited.  and that's great!  even with the dark winter knocking on my door, i'm cheery!  sure, i still get irritated at things but only briefly and in general i'm honestly pretty excited about starting this new chapter in my life.  Almost Monday has been evolving for some time now.  Earrings,  necklaces, paintings etc. but it really wants to be a printmaking studio.  My co-founder, who is only with me in spirit is also a printmaker. a fantastic one!  it would be great if he and his lovely wife returned to Portland someday and we could actually open a public printmaking studio!  but for now i have my kitchen and various studios to attend.

I have new ideas for prints.  Print of the month, finishing the alphabet, and some fantastical animals.  I will actually be reading tips on small business and etsy.  Networking and promoting.  and, i'm just excited!

But for now, i must run! Friend with out car is buying me meatballs to take her to Ikea!


omeara said...


it's monday. is that worse than almost monday? i can't quite muster the effort to decide right now. i just finished a print though. righteous!

Almost Monday said...

I'm waiting to see the photo of the new Righteous print!