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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where the Streets Have No Names

Chief Collaborator and kitty friend - Thai!
I know all the neighboorhood kitties by name.  They use my garden path aka the Kitty Cat Highway.  They go to and fro, sometimes acknowledging me, sometimes not.  I often threaten them with a toll.  But, as they have pointed out, kitties don't have pockets for change.

I've set up shop in my kitchen next to the large window that looks directly out at the Kitty Cat Highway, my driveway and front door.  I love my kitchen with it's robin egg blue cabinets and red accent pieces.  It's cozy and comforting.  But it's not a studio and it's small.  I need to relocate to the guest room, which is were I am keeping everything i'm not currently working on or using.  But it seems so far away from the action of the neighborhood.  I also really like having the sink near by as I'm a bit messy!

Disaster area? Guest Room? Printmaking Studio?
One of the things I loved about my loaned-out time to SERA was the business of the office, the street life, and the MAX line, and of course, the collaboration.  It made me feel like I was part of something bigger, part of the action of the city!   So I'm afraid moving to the back of the house will make me feel isolated and alone.  Even though it really isn't any different.  I'll still have my computer and the internet is enough interaction for me most of the time.  The house cats are mobile and the chickens are pretty lively in the back yard.  I'd probably get more actual work done back there and spend less time moving things from room to room!  Certainly something I need to work out soon!

In the mean time i'm designing a new linocut.  E is for Escher!  It's a commissioned piece too!  Though the details are a bit fuzzy.  That's ok, i'm having fun making it! and really if it's not fun what's the point?  Life is too short to spend it doing hours of things that you don't like!  Of course that's easy to say when you are newly unemployed!  hehe

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