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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I've been thinking about the holiday party circa 1998 where the managers decorated paper plates that represented each of the employees.  I wish I had it.  My plate, as best as I can remember, was as follows:  barbed wire drawn around the outside, inside soft white fluffy cotton and inside was very nice red plush fabric. I do love a good piece of fabric!

Otherwise, I'm somewhat of a cold fish, as I self described to my friend the other day and represented by the barbed wire.  We were having a conversation about how different people express their love for others and how they feel loved.  But that's a completely different kind of conversation.  but so I don't leave you hanging the typical styles are:  words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.  Here's a quick quiz if you are not sure. It's meant for married couples but I think it applies to all relationships!

Now getting to the point of this!  In this world of the over stimulating internet, we sometimes forget how real things feel in our hands.  A gritty newspaper, and hand written letter on lovely paper, or a piece of clothing left behind by a lover or friend.   The internet is a cold fish.  It's flat. We can't touch the things on the screen, or smell them or understand their dimensionality.  Our eyes are full but our hands empty.  Except for the plastic of the keyboard.  Art that we can touch, smell, move from room to room is more important now then ever before.  Are we in danger of digitizing all of our friends and family too? Replacing actual conversations with wall posts?

I was recently reminded of the joy I find in creating art with others. Saturday was spent conducting a printmaking workshop teaching and creating with lovely people I enjoy.  Sunday morning I spent painting with two good friends, and while none of us walked out with a masterpiece, we all walked out with new information, with an added understanding and compassion for each other.  And most importantly with the happiness that only creating art with good friends can provide. 

Many of my friends value quality time as the ideal act of love/friendship.  The good news here, for the unemployed, is time is what we have to give!  For my other friends they get art!  Art that I made with love and happiness in my heart.

What's all this happiness talk I've been having?  It's slightly disturbing to me as well, but a great burden has been removed from my soul.  Like a square peg no longer being jammed in to a round hole.  I no longer go to a place that made me feel like a piece of cheap fabric left out in the sun too long. Faded and tired with nothing left to offer.

So, during this time of holiday cheer I give you the gift art! Art for the hands, for the eyes, and the soul! 
I'll make it for you, I'll make it with you, or best yet I'll teach you how to make it yourself!


Nancy Cuevas said...

" I'll make it for you, I'll make it with you, or best yet I'll teach you how to make it yourself! "

Great post Serena! I especially love this quote :)

Almost Monday said...

Thanks for being so inspiring and supportive Nancy!