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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Week 7 day 4. I'm starting to think I can't actually calculate time passed properly.

Soooo, remember when I said I was putting myself on a diet? A time diet?  Well, that hasn't exactly happened.  What has happened is, I'm spending 75% * of my day on marketing and research. Leaving me only 25% * for the creating and making of new art! Which is my actual goal. Well, my actual goal is to make enough money with my art to not have to work a "normal" 8 - 5 office job. and of course to not be on the unemployment dole.  In the mean time, between marketing, making art and filing unemployment claims, I am looking for a "real" job.

I sent out more resume's this week, multiple times.  Only to discover that I have a couple of really silly typos!  Even after having multiple people proof this thing!  Retail was missing it's a.  And Senior, as in older than 55, was spelled Senoir. Sounds like the Spanish word for men.  Which it is possible that I have done work in both the Retil fields and housing for Spanish men. EXCEPT it's actually spelled seƱor.  Those errors have since been corrected.  

It also turns out that the unemployment office pretty much told me I'd be stupid for taking any temporary contract jobs, as I would not qualify for their self employment programs and would loose all chances for future claims if needed. They then advised me that I could go to college, after which I advised them I already had 50K in student loan debt and that I didn't think it was actually a good idea to go back for more debt. "Oh! You've already been to college?" Why yes, yes I have.  And so have all the other laid off architects and interior designers! Grrrr.  

Back to making art!  I think while I'm trying to get my Etsy store off the ground making art 50% of the time and marketing the other 50% seems reasonable.  Although I'm not sure where my painting fits in here. But that's an entirely different battle.  Although, I don't think Etsy is the correct venue for portraits and nudes, but I could be wrong.  For now those paintings remain here!

The Plan! Monday Wed. and Fridays are mostly marketing days and the rest of the days will be for creating! Marketing includes photographing and posting new items.  I think this is a doable plan. Structure is good, it holds things up.  I learned that in college.  Said with a sarcastic tone directed at the University of Oregon's Architecture program.  But hey, I am the one that picked that program, so I can't blame them for everything.  I'll blame my mom for the rest! haha

Tomorrow is christmas eve, and although I have plenty of art and Japanese souvenirs to give, I still have to decide who's getting what and wrap them.

Curious Doodles Calander - Portland Oregon

Happy holidays everyone!  No matter what you believe or where you live I wish you a wondrous and happiness filled 2011!

* I like to make up/estimate percentages. They may or may not be quite accurate, apparently, much like my calculation of passing days.


junotoast said...

Hooray for your portrait being chosen for exhibit, I hope your happiness is infectious.... props for your structured plan, I think you'll do awesome!

Nancy Cuevas said...

Happy New Year Serena!
Good Luck on everything you set out to do. I know it will turn out great :)

See you next week on the 7th!

Almost Monday said...

Thanks guys! Couldn't do it without you! :) (and by guys I mean awesome woman!)