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Monday, December 6, 2010

Just another Manic Monday

apparently the most creative part of my blog are the titles. some some lyric or play on words. maybe that's not creative at all. I'm groggy even though it's after 10am. i'm trying to get the tea in me and some motivation as well. the one thing i do have to do today is walk to the bank. depositing money is always good, but a pain.

This is day one of week 6 for my full time unemployment. Which reminds me, i need to file for last week. Time goes by so fast these days, i can't believe it. and it's true the older i get that fast it goes!

my brain is still not firing to quickly this morning. I am making a list when i hang up from here and getting dressed! Starting my actual day about 3 hours later then I would have liked!

Happy Monday! as if any day of the week holds more value then any other. Sort of like people, i honestly believe that we shouldn't put more value on a person because of their status or position. So get up and be the awesome person you are! and the next time someone asks you "what are you going to do?!?!?!" simply answer "i'm gonna be awesome!"

1 comment:

Almost Monday said...

Correction! This was actually only week 5 not 6! what a relief! :)