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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 3

day 3 of unemployment started at 2am when i awoke due to ongoing jet lag. I passed out at 8pm, i tried as hard as i could to stay up later but couldn't. so 2am came and went and i fb'ed for a bit and checked my email from bed via the iphone. frank was snoring and breathing loudly. i was frustrated and wanted to go lay on my couch. i dont have a couch. well i do, but it's in the shed and that's another story. so i got up for a second came back to bed, made frank roll over and finally fell back to sleep after 3:30. Woke up at 5, due to a kitty fit of some sort and frank got up. so i laid there crabby for a while and finally got out of bed at 6:15.
sooooo, here i am having eaten chips, guac and salsa for breaky. going to drink some tea and get ready for my morning appointment. Going to the Edith Green Wendal Wyatt Ground Breaking ceremony. or sign unveiling, not sure. the a little Team Lunch after!

Later today i will be making curry, cleaning something and doing laundry. I will also start planning some art!

I've dug up all the potatoes in the back yard and am investigating planting some winter veggies!

It's a relief to know that no one is ready this. hahaha

Post Script: I forgot to mention how difficult it is to find "affordable" health insurance. i have applied for one that is a little over $100 a month. but the deductible is $7500. Dr. visits are $35 up to 4 a year. There is a cheaper on of $58 with a $10,000 deductible. seems silly. I'm leaning toward going without. COBRA is available to me at $378.85 but when unemployment is only $332 a week. I get so little due to the previous 5 quarters of part time status. There had been a federal subsidy for COBRA but it ended on May 31st 2010.

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