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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today is a chore day. a list making chore day. i dont make enough lists. some people make lists daily. and have multiple lists going at once, work, home, yard, grocery, etc. i'll be doing good to have one weekly list. that seems reasonable. I sure do like to put a line through the completed items. this is some how more satisfying then actually having the item taken care of. and typing a list isn't the same as hand writing it, being able to hold it in your hand, add to it, and alter it without having to reprint.

Today is also a focus on my art day. I need to inventory my printmaking supplies in preparation for the printmaking workshop at the end of the month, and also for a couple of upcoming "craft sales" that I am participating in. I think I will need to have a couple of print making days soon!

I also need to get a painting framed that will be hung in a wine bar over the bridge in Vancouver. Framing is a pain in the ass. Trying to decide what frame looks best, thickness, color, texture that will compliment the painting and not detract. It's really stressful, and if you ask for help from the framer then you run the risk on not agreeing with their recommendation which can end up in a awkward conversations. Once you finally find something that works, there is the hoping to the kitties you can afford it. Custom frames are expensive. Then the waiting begins. Anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks for the frame to get to the shop and onto the painting. it's a frustrating process. and a necessary evil in some cases.

On a side note - someone needs to invent a kitty jumpsuit that they put on at night that will suck off all the loose hair and keep it off of everything else!

Side note #2 - I saw an ex coworker on the street yesterday and it seemed really awkward. It could have been me. It's so weird how being laid off can make a person embarrassed and ashamed. I understand now why when people are laid off they stay away from their working ex-coworker friends. I was secretly harboring some smugness about being able to say I made it through the Great Depression II(onward referred to as GDII) being employed. Even if a lot of it was part time and even though I really hated the place I worked and the management style and felt like a hypocrite everyday I worked there. And it made my stomach upset to walk in the place. There is something about being employed and getting a paycheck that seems to add value to a persons self-worth. It's ingrained in our society, along with a bigger better car, a large house and a flat screen TV. But I want my worth/self-worth to be about me, not things and my personal accomplishments, not the company I work for.

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