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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Flail this...

Sat. week 2.

I'm flailing. like an octopus on a bike holding an umbrella. Which happens to be my newest print that needed a title. now it has one. I have projects to finish, projects to start, lists half written and this damn computer constantly staring at me with social media, self marketing and personal communications. all. day. long.

and occasionally I think about this blog and how i was going to chronicle my unemploymentness. like that hasn't been done already. and who do i think i am to blog?! my writing skills are weak sauce. and it's sort of like when i'm drunk *I* know i'm a great dancer. well, sometimes *I* think i'm really entertaining. and if i'm that effen entertaining then my readers (the one anonymous one i have) will look past the poor grammar and spelling to the underlying entertainment factor that is my awesome personality. well, we all have our delusions.

my newest full fledged delusion is that i will actually be selected for the American Academy in Rome. I can keep this delusion until they announce the winners in mid march. In the mean time, i'm hoping to be accepted into this show again.
It's a good show to get into. even if it is in astoria. Although last year i almost had a break down because my piece was in the worst possible location in the gallery. all the way in the back corner of a hallway. i was offend and hurt. butt-hurt to be exact. and embarrassed. But i did have many people talk about my piece and talk to me about it. it was really well received. and that made up for the placement.

So, starting monday i'm putting myself on a diet. a time diet. a schedule if you will. some structure some focus. i really need some focus. i also need to start to writing that schedule, and make prints, and plates and lino cuts and cards and clean and cook that roast that's been in the fridge all week and clean out the chicken coop and the litter boxes and put my clothes away. side tracked. again.

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