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Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning You Sure Look Fine...

And like every other morning these days. But still I have traveling on my mind.
enough of fleetwood mac for the day! unless i put them on my itunes. right now.

I was a printmaking storm this weekend. Made 3.5 blocks and printed 6 different patterns. A is for Acron, B is for Bike. i need to finish C is for Cat. I'm moving on the the holiday propaganda today. Right after I finish, breaky, dishes and start the laundry. printmaking is awesome, using my hands to make art. I'm a sort of a factory worker at heart. It's like collecting things, sort of. but i am a collector. My current collecting obsession is countries and seas. how many oceans and seas can i stick my toes in??? So far? hmmmm, i need to keep a running total like i do my countries!

And now to the list and chores. with a few kitty cat breaks!

Monday (day one) week 3.

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